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Session One


A cold, dark October night. The endless hissing of rain on concrete, a city drowned in neon tears. Anyone sensible would be inside by now, hiding from the cold and the rain and the things that go bump in the night. Midnight isn’t the safest time to be abroad, especially here and especially now…

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Some NPCs

Seana suggested that the players should come up with a few NPCs that tie in to their backstories, and being the lazy GM that I am, I supported it wholeheartedly!

Here are the first ones. They’re not full-fleshed yet by any means, but I’ll probably add the missing detail on the fly.

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Burning Milton Keynes, Take Two

Milton Keynes has now entered the Dresdenverse. Again.

Apologies for leaving you hanging if you’d read the first draft of this write-up (preserved on this blog for historical reasons) and found that it ended halfway through. As mentioned in my previous post, we ended up taking much, much longer over character generation than we’d planned, and given that we’d decided to revise the city burning afterwards to fix some weak Aspects, everything got held up.

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Thoughts on Character Generation

Apologies to anyone who has been waiting for the second half of the city write-up. That will be in the next post. The plan was to post it a week or so after the first half, but after some email exchanges between all the players we decided that we needed to redo large chunks of the city burning. We fell down especially on the location Aspects, in that they tended to provide colour rather than any possible use in play. Based on this, we agreed to meet again to redo them, once we’d spent a week or so doing the characters.

What we didn’t take into account was that creating the characters took us three and a half sessions of three hours each. Given that we also missed a few weeks, this meant a delay of well over a month.

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Bethany Dina Lakshmi Smith

Bethany’s a white court vampire, DJ and pirate radio broadcaster.  She’s changed a fair amount from my last interation, most notably in High concept and theme.  She’s still a bit of a work in progress, so be warned.

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I just read a post about Wordle over at Story Games, and it’s rather wonderful. It’s a site that allows you to create a pretty word cloud based on an RSS feed, so I decided to try it for this blog. And here it is:

Microwave Sushi as seen by